1978 Bay Bus (The Lurchmobile)

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1978 Bay Bus (The Lurchmobile)

Post by Six Volt » Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:38 pm

$5,000 obo

Yes, its time to move on from the Lurchmobile. What follows is basically the ad content from the samba. Special consideration given to LEAKOILER'S. As most of you know, it looks like hell, but runs like Tarzan. If it doesn't sell for a fair price, it can go to Athens and serve as a hippie taxi.

This is a starting, running, driving and stopping bus that can be driven with nothing needed at this time.

The good...

Clear and clean Ohio title in my name
It has the stock FI set up with a high quality replacement FI wiring harness.
2 liter stock motor that runs great.
Hydraulic lifters that pump up properly.
Transmission shifts smoothly in all gears with no popping out.
Has the better 72-74 heater box set up.
It has a petronix or compufire module in the distributor eliminating points (can't remember which, but it works great)
4 new (less than 500 miles) Yokohama LT 185/75 R14 tires on stock rims.
Brakes are all good including the e-brake.
All the lights work as they should (headlights, taillights, blinkers, brake, back up and even the side markers.)
Wipers work.
One key works ignition and all door locks.
1st generation Vanagon front seats that match color (they're a big improvement)
Both middle and rear seats in ok shape.
Slider door lock and mechanisms work flawlessly. (Thanks Chuck!)
A PO cleaned fuel tank and replaced rubber part of filler neck tube. (No gas smell).
Front shifter bushing recently replaced.

What it needs...

Metal repair all around, but I have most of what's needed.
Needs all interior panels replaced.
Lower 72-74 engine tin, but I have it and its included in the deal. Needs to be cleaned though.
It needs a thermostat, but again, I'll give you a Type IV thermostat in the deal, but you'll have to source a cable and install.
All the window seals should be replaced.
Heater cables need to be replaced and hooked up.
Needs axle boots, but the rear seals were done a few years ago.
Some dash light bulbs are out and need replacement.
Push Rod tube seals leak so put that on your list.

If you're looking for a perfect bus, this isn't it. If you're looking for a quality driver that you can enjoy and DRIVE while you restore it, this is a bus for you. Its not for the novice, but can be the perfect bus for someone who can weld or knows some one who can weld and bring it all the way back. Again there are plenty of ads for buses, but few that are true runners at this price.

I don't need to sell it, but I will be fair in any negotiation. Please, no trades. E-mail works best for me because too often calls and texts are just tire kickers. I'll try to respond to all emails as long as they're on point and don't involve trades. Not interested in overseas sales unless you have someone show up with cash and I can sign the title over to them.

The bus is in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland (west side).
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Re: 1978 Bay Bus (The Lurchmobile)

Post by lurch » Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:57 pm

This is one of the more mechanically sound vans in the club .I can vouch for that so if you love them ugly she's the one for you
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Re: 1978 Bay Bus (The Lurchmobile)

Post by Six Volt » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:58 pm

Dan knows a lot about this bus because he fixed pretty much everything wrong with it back in the day! :lol: Don't be scared off by the $6,000 price tag. That's a Samba price. If someone from LEAKOIL really wants it as a project or wants to get someone new into a bus and into the club, we can work out a more reasonable price. You really have to drive it to appreciate it. The best thing about this bus compared to a lot of buses on the Samba is you don't need a trailer to take it home! :lol: Imagine that, you can actually get in it and drive it home. :D I'd really prefer to keep it, but I have no room here and I'd have to take it down to Athens to store it and I hate to leave it out over the winter down there. Oh well, that's life! :D
It's me, Sean
1957 Beetle Oval Sedan 36 Horse 6 volt
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