VW Van needed near Cuyahoga Falls

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VW Van needed near Cuyahoga Falls

Post by WideFive » Thu May 31, 2018 4:52 pm

So I just got off the phone with this kid who's looking to give his hippie chick girlfriend a very cool present for her upcoming birthday June 6th.

He's looking for someone willing to drive his girlfriend and him around in their VW Van for like an hour. Maybe drive around the valley or something. You get the idea. Doesn't have to be on her birthday, but sometime soon.

He's not expecting a freebie here either, more than happy to pay with actual cash, ha.

He's really putting a lot of effort into making this happen. I feel bad for the guy, but not bad enough to help him out since they're kinda not close.

Anyhow, I told him I'd post here since a lot more caring and empathetic people than me in this wonderful group. Of course Chuck was the first person I thought to refer him too, but I'll just let him help on his own if he's available.

Dude's name is Stephan Brown and you can reach him at 614-822-8201

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