'74 Bus for sale in Cleveland

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'74 Bus for sale in Cleveland

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I was contacted by an aquaintence who put me in touch with a guy named Danny who has a '74 passenger bus that he'd like to sell. It's in Cleveland on the West Side. I went over and looked it over this morning and below are some pictures and a few comments.

First off, Danny is a real nice guy. He may set a high price, then work down from there.
This is a '74 passenger "tin top" bus
It's been repainted and likely has bondo underneath. It's a 30 footer.
The pancake motor is gone.
It has a dual port likely 1600 with a 009 and what seems to be a 34-3 carb with an alternator.
It does have a mustache bar for the engine mount in place.
Starts, runs and stops.
New shocks
Good Hancook tires
Middle and rear seats in place
Frame is solid and heat ducts are not rusted
Front beam is good

I suggested to Danny that he bring it down to the Spring Cruise starting point tomorrow to show it to members before putting it on the internet for sale.

I'll be there to answer any Q's if Danny can'
t make it.
It's me, Sean
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