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About Kelleys Island Campout

We are pleased to announce that the traditional Kelley’s Island VW campout over Columbus Day Weekend is back “on” for 2011.

We are sorry for the confusion and for any inconvenience the earlier cancellation may have caused.

The event was initially cancelled due to the personal liability risks Bill Webner faced under the terms of the contract he signed with 4-H on behalf of LEAKOIL. Many members are unaware of the legal and economic issues involved in putting an event like Kelley’s together. Historically, Bill has quietly assumed all of these responsibilities and risks. Recent events demonstrated that Bill could no longer assume the risks inherent with an event like Kelley’s without new safeguards being put in place.

Events like Kelley’s Island, and operating a free VW bus website for the benefit of enthusiasts, are major undertakings. Most individuals don’t realize, and some don’t appreciate, everything involved. Kelley’s Island doesn’t happen simply by driving a bus to the island and declaring: “I’m here.” Likewise, a web site doesn’t exist simply because someone clicks a computer mouse with the expectation a site will magically appear.

Clubs like LEAKOIL take work. Those doing the work need the support and loyalty of those who benefit from those efforts. Some members of this group have decided to move on and go their separate ways. We wish them the very best. Love and Peace to all. We know everyone has a love for VW's, so we are certain everyone will have fun regardless of what group they are associated with. That is what car clubs should be about.

People considering attending the Kelley’s Island campout should be aware of the following:

1. No one will be permitted to attend unless they are pre-approved. Those wishing to attend must submit in an Email to WEBMASTER@LEAKOIL.NET, the names of those seeking to attend.

2. Once approved, all eligible participants must download and complete the pre-registration form and return it to the address indicated with a check made out to the 4-H Club in the appropriate amount.

3. If you want a 10th Anniversary KI t-shirt, you must pre-order it with your registration. Please include a note or indicate on the registration form the number and size of shirts you want. Pricing will be addressed at later time. You do not have to pay for the shirts in advance. You can pay at KI.

These measures are taken to insure the liability concerns are addressed. No one should just expect to show up and be let in. Anyone showing up without being pre-approved will be told to leave the property.

We recognize that these measures will result in a smaller turnout than in previous years. Make no mistake, our goal is a safer, more controlled and family oriented event. We look forward to seeing everyone again up at Kelley’s Island. Most of all, we would like to say, “Thank You” to those who stood by us and gave us support through recent events.

Note: During this period, the forum section of the website will remain closed. In the coming months, we will unveil a revamped website with some new changes that are in the works.

If you need more information, or want to volunteer, please contact About this Website