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Welcome back to LEAKOIL.NET. This is the official website of the Lake Erie Area Kombi Owners Involvement League (L.E.A.K.O.IL.).

Due to overwhelming interest spurred by our successful 10th Anniversary "Kombi's on Kelley's" event and the request by so many to have us reopen the site, we have decided to reactivate most portions of the website for members to use and enjoy.

During the website's absence, LEAKOIL has been formally reorganized and you will notice some minor changes that have already been initiated on this site.

We will continue to evolve and implement changes to the site gradually over the next few months. We ask for your patience.

L.E.A.K.O.I.L. (Lake Erie Area Kombi Owner’s Involvement League) is an informal organization of VW bus owners based primarily in Ohio and Michigan. We use Lake Erie as our geographic common denominator. We are an official chapter of the international bus group known as NEATO operating under charter of the state of Massachusetts.

We have a Council of several members which organizes events and maintains this website. Our membership is reflected in those that have signed up for our website, which is free. The only criteria for membership is to own a VW bus, or be thinking about owning one in the near future, as well as abiding by the standards of conduct expressed on this website when "posting" or attending events.

Our web site was established in February of 2007. We are not afffiliated with LEAKOIL FACEBOOK or LEAKOIL MY SPACE or with any other internet sites or social media sites using the LEAKOIL name or acronym.

Whether at a campout, a VW related event, or when posting on our internet site, members and guests are expected to respect others with a modicum of dignity that you would expect at a family gathering. In various locations on this site you will see basic standards listed that must be adhered to in order to participate in this group.

This site and forums are provided free of charge to it's users for the exchange of information pertaining to VW buses of all vintages and events involving these vehicles.

By logging into this site and it's forums, members agree to participate in a manner reflecting common courtesy towards other members or non-members and to abide by the standards set by the website administration and moderators.

Personal attacks, abusive or foul language or behavior deemed inappropriate by the administration will result in deactivation of the member's account.

It is our intent to provide a family friendly community where enthusiasts may interact and enjoy the hobby.

We hold a monthly meeting on the Third Thursday of each month. Currently we are meeting at Basil’s Tavern & Grill, 360 W. Bridge St., Elyria, Ohio, (440) 322-9216. Interested VW bus owners are invited to join us between the hours of about 6pm and 9pm on meeting nights.

Our main club event of the year is “Kombis on Kelleys”, a 3 day campout held on Kelleys Island in Lake Erie at the 4-H Camp on Columbus Day weekend. Our 2010 and 2011 campouts drew an average of roughly 70 buses each year from several states.

Our members also organize and attend other unofficial campouts each season, as well as attend VW shows and swapmeets as a group. Current events updates can be found under the Upcoming Events section of this website.

For further information about L.E.A.K.O.I.L. contact any member, or post your question on one of the forums, or contact

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