1957 Oval

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Re: 1957 Oval

Post by TRL » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:17 am

Great looking work Bruce!
The Rick Lang

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Re: 1957 Oval

Post by Ken » Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:40 am

Good stuff. Having a few 6 volt busses myself, I have come to realise) (often the hard way) the importance of good wiring connections. :D
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Re: 1957 Oval

Post by Dual Port » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:18 pm

Here's part of the reason the fuel pump outlet fitting was leaking repeatedly: the OEG ferrule has a taller height than the replacement WW fitting. This would obviously cut down on the clamp pressure the nut applies. Once we changed from a new fitting to a used German fitting the leakage stopped. :?: The upper is the replacement.
The way these are wired from the factory has the power feed from the battery coming to the dashboard, then piggybacked off the ignition switch to the headlight switch, then piggybacked from that to the fuseblock. This created multiple points for bad connections. My update for this is to make a 4 way solder joint where the 10ga input splits off into 3 10ga outputs, each feeding a component. Obviously this eliminated several potential spots for problems. It's covered with shrink tubing and Polyloom for double protection.
Here is the headlight fusebox that's mounted on the LF wheelwell. Like everything else, it needs attention, a quick ride through the beadblaster should take care of it, right?


Here's the finished repair:
A Power Probe is a pretty cool tool to use if you understand electricity and a WMD if you don't understand electricity. You probably won't do a lot of damage working on a non-computerized vehicle like an ACVW but if you're working on a modern car you can blow up modules if you push the button at the wrong time. I tell my students to steer clear of them unless they understand what they're doing.
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Re: 1957 Oval

Post by Dual Port » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:53 pm

I took the speedo out to clean up stuff so I figured pics would help.

Here it is before servicing, the brass tabs would not have provided a good connection.
Take the plastic thing off, bead blast it, and the colored gels fall out. Unfortunately I didn't have them on hand :( so I just reglued the old ones. I put them on my WW wishlist.
Ditto with the bulbholders.

I didn't use the bulb on the left which was mostly done.
Here's the final product:
The big solder splice is on the left above the ignition switch. Everything is labeled, ty-wrapped or secured and covered with Polyloom. The auxiliary fuseblock on the left came from Columbus last week and makes the job look a little more "period correct" than a replacement blade-style fuseblock. I made a bunch of notes and modified schematics for Sean to put in his big book so the next guy knows what I did. Even without it it's not hard to figure out what changes were made.

I put a big Maxifuse in the fat power lead that feeds the dashboard. All mfr's do this for the last 30-40 years but VW did not. It prevents burning of the harness if something major goes wrong up front.
Then I went to set the rear seat and saw the positive terminal would have been a little too friendly with the seat strap so I flipped the battery around. How do you like those blocks of wood? Pretty hillbilly, eh?
I went for a ride and heard a clicking noise which turned out to be the oil slinger thing hitting on the shoe holddown. No sweat, easy fix.
Sean has it and hopefully will drive it without issues!

Bruce Amacker
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Re: 1957 Oval

Post by Six Volt » Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:01 pm

I learned a great deal from Bruce about automotive electronics when I was able to stop out and watch his work. That said, I made myself scarce during some of the important periods when Bruce was doing wire tracing and workarounds. The last thing someone who knows what they're doing needs when studying wiring diagrams is a chirping inquisitor in their ear.

I had a lot of fun talking and hanging with Bruce. SInce we're from the same generation, conversation was, and is, simple. We had a lot of give and take. With all that, he is the consumate professional who really set this car up nicely.

The fuel pump and brake issues (we had them) aren't covered here in super detail, but I learned a great deal from the troubleshooting experience on both. We must have looked at 10 different fuel pumps and learned there were VW German, US made and unidentified aftermarket fuel pumps for the 36hp engine. Bruce did a lot more than just distinguish those flanges, there were all kinds of variations on those pumps.

So to rap it up, I needed someone to give this Oval a good starting baseline on the electronics and I got that and more from Bruce. I would have been throwing money and time at electrical problems for the next three years and still been left scratching my head. So because I'm bull-headed about having at least one six volt vehicle, I'm glad Bruce gave me that baseline.

Considering that I "reassembled" the engine and it is actually running is kind of scary. I didn't need any other high risks on the electronics front with a "Sean engine build time bomb" waiting to happen! :lol:

And the best thing about this was the $50 "unknown" '57 non-syncro slitcase transmission I got from a guy in W. Va. who got the trans from Randy in KY and it works flawlessly! And it doesn't leak. :D

So I'm driving the bug around West Park and working out the kinks.

I fixed one problem with hard starting and the carb float today, so right now its running fine.

I've got to get it back out to Bruce's for horn diagnosis. Can't drive it without the "beep beep"! :D
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Re: 1957 Oval

Post by Marla » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:21 am

Way to go Sean and Bruce. What a great car. I can't wait for you to bring it out so we can all see it in action.
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Re: 1957 Oval

Post by TRL » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:35 pm

Awesome! Happy to see this thing on the road!
The Rick Lang

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