Octoberfest 2017

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Octoberfest 2017

Post by wwebner » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:31 am

September 1 thru 4,2017
http://www.clevelandoktoberfest.com/exh ... w-campout/

LEAKOIL members should enter the grounds via Eastland Road where they will be directed to the VW entrance (Gate 1) and will gain FREE ADMISSION to the Oktoberfest! Non members will be directed to the public parking area and the "paid" admission gate.

Camping is free, though all who intend to camp MUST first register as members of LEAKOIL’s forum, as the forum registration list will effectively be the guest list for Volkswagon campers at the Cleveland Oktoberfest.

If for any reason, you are not on LEAKOIL’s list, you will not be admitted to camp at the event. This policy is non-negotiable and will be enforced by Oktoberfest staff.

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Re: Octoberfest 2017

Post by oktober » Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:39 am

Labor Day weekend is just a little over a week away! As per Bill, all LEAKOIL members have been officially invited to take part in the 2017 Cleveland Oktoberfest Air-Cooled VW bus Campout over Labor Day Weekend. LEAKOIL is also scheduled to give a presentation in our Educational Building on Sun, Sept 3rd at 7:30pm.

Overnight camping is permitted FRI-SUN nights, with the event running Sept 1 - Sept 4, 2017. As with last year, camping is free, firewood will be provided, and bathrooms are available adjacent the camping area. For more details on the campout, visit: http://www.clevelandoktoberfest.com/exh ... w-campout/

While we aren't overbearing when it comes to camping regulations, the following rules must be adhered to. Failure to abide may result in immediate dismissal from the campout and Oktoberfest, to be determined solely at the discretion of LEAKOIL and the Cleveland Oktoberfest.
1) When driving within Oktoberfest grounds, please do so at speeds typical for any parking lot. Do not drive recklessly, and do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
2) Given that you are camping, the Oktoberfest understands that you will likely bring food and beverages. As a matter of discretion, and out of respect to Oktoberfest and our paying sponsors, we request that any beverages consumed during festival hours be contained in plastic cups.
3) Absolutely no firearms are permitted, and general rules of fire safety must be adhered to, both in terms of managing your campfire and any potential hazards within the campsite.
4) All dogs must be on leashes.
5) LEAKOIL members are not permitted to sell food or beverages to Oktoberfest patrons during festival hours.
6) No drugs, other than those legal for general consumption in the state of Ohio or prescribed by a doctor, are permitted.
7) LEAKOIL members must remain in the campsite area and are not permitted to roam the grounds after festival hours.
8) Treat Oktoberfest patrons courteously.
9) Vandalism of any kind will result in arrest and/or immediate expulsion.
As for Bier Garten entertainment, the Oktoberfest will feature E5C4P3 (Journey tribute) and Hollywood Nights (Bob Seger) Fri night, DJ Kishka, Faction and the Spazmatics on Sat, Post Road, Ted Vigil (John Denver tribute), and Bruce in the USA (Springsteen tribute) on Sun, and The Diamond Project (Neil Diamond) & Walt Sanders & the Cadillac Band (Elvis tribute) on Mon. Other highlights include our Best Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition (feat. 19 breweries), the Sausage Autobahn, the Paulaner Traditional Musik Tent (incl. a full bar), the Hacker-Pschorr International Dance Tent, the Jagermeister VIP tent, our Educational Building, Restaurant Row (feat. Der Braumeister, 7 Roses, Balaton, Schmidt's of Columbus, and more), a Children's Area (feat. inflatables, marionette shows, crafts, etc.), a Bavarian Shopping Village, a Glockenspiel Village showcasing our Cleveland Glockenspiel (the largest Glockenspiel in the U.S., feat. a 56' wide bar) and The Milwaukee Glockenspiel, World Champion Sand Sculptor Carl Jara, and more! The Cleveland Oktoberfest is again presented by Paulaner--the most popular Oktoberfest beer at the Munich Oktoberfest. Hacker-Pschorr (another of only 6 breweries permitted to serve at Munich) will also be on hand. Festival hours are 4pm-midnight Fri, noon-midnight Sat & Sun, and noon-8pm Mon. For details, visit: http://www.clevelandoktoberfest.com.

Note: As with last year, we request that you line up your vehicles along the fence near the restroom, moving outward in rows if necessary, taking care not to block the midway. Those wishing to leave Monday morning must do so before 10:30AM, or you'll have to wait until after the conclusion of our 5K Run (benefiting the Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital), which begins at 11AM.

If you have questions regarding the campout, or the Cleveland Oktoberfest in general, feel free to contact Rich Croft at 216-650-1665 or webmaster@clevelandoktoberfest.com

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you out at the 2017 Cleveland Oktoberfest!
Rich Croft, Webmaster/Board Member
Cleveland Labor Day Oktoberfest

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Re: Octoberfest 2017

Post by Six Volt » Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:43 am

A big thanks to Rich Croft and the Oktoberfest Board for once again inviting all LEAKOIL members in good standing to the Oktoberfest at the Berea Fairgronds Labor Day weekend.

LEAKOIL was first invited to Oktoberfest in 2007. This will be our 11th year.

For those that have never attended Oktoberfest, this is a great opportunity to come out and meet your fellow LEKOILERS and enjoy one of Cleveland's best cultural events. We are privileged to have free admission and free camping for the full event, so you really don't have an excuse.

As previoously noted, LEAKOIL members should arrive through the last (most southerly) entrance to the Fairgrounds off Eastland Ave. You have to be in a VW or VW bus and be a member of LEAKOIL to take advantage of the free admission and free camping.

The Sunday night presentation by LEAKOIL is something special. For years our own Ken Kroll has done a great job of putting together presentations of our various vehicles at the presentation barn. It gives Oktoberfest goers an opprotunity to see and learn about our vehicles up close and meet LEAKOIL members. The parade up to the barn always turns a lot of heads. Don't miss it. Sunday night at 7:30pm.

A couple other notes...

Please keep in mind that sponsors and vendors pay a lot of money to sell items at Oktoberfest. While we are allowed to bring in our own food and beverages, the Oktoberfest Board insists we keep these items in cups and not walk around with items obvuously brought in from the outside. In other words, don't create friction with their vendors by being insensitive.

Because Oktoberfest is a huge event, with thousands of attendees from all over Ohio, parents of young children should be ever vigilant about their safety when camping. Please take personal responsibility for your child's safety. Don't allow them to wander off with anyone. Don't entrust them to the care of anyone unless you know and have a personal history with that individual. LEAKOIL is a family friendly group and we want families to atend events together, but we also want children to be safe. It is only through constant vigilence of parents that we can insure our children will be safe.

Lastly, In addition to the Oktoberfest rules, we want everyone to remember to respect your fellow LEAKOIL members and their friends and families during the event. The same level of decency we expect on the website should be extended to the campgrounds. Thank you!
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Re: Octoberfest 2017

Post by burningbright » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:23 am

WE are excited for the Oktoberfest Campout again this year! I hope we are listed as registered members- Susan and Russ Sanderson username- burningbright. 71 Karmann Ghia- silver bullet. Thank you and see you all there!

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Re: Octoberfest 2017

Post by Marla » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:48 am

It's been a little cooler this year than it has in the past, but we have some true die hard Oktoberfesters that have been there since Friday.

Don't forget tonight is the presentation at the Education Building. We bring buses in to the building and let people walk around to take a look. There is a video we will be playing on the main screen as well. The presenation starts at 7:30 PM if you are still hanging around.
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Re: Octoberfest 2017

Post by Marla » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:34 am

Thanks again to Rich Croft for having us. It turned out to be a great weekend. Thank you to all who participated. The cooler weather was a nice change this year. Even with a little bit of rain, we had a great turn out. The presentation of buses was great. I think the caravan to and from the education was the best part. People cheering for the VW's was a lot of fun. I have some videos, I will see about editing them and posting them up.

I also have a few photos to share. If anyone else took pics, post them up.
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Re: Octoberfest 2017

Post by ohiowesty » Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:40 pm

Saturday morning
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Re: Octoberfest 2017

Post by Frankinbus » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:53 pm

oktoberfest ladies
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