WTB/Rent/Borrow Drift and Reamer for Center Pin

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WTB/Rent/Borrow Drift and Reamer for Center Pin

Post by sehilliard1 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:23 pm

I’m beginning to dive into my 1963 Standard Walk-through project and wanted to start with the front end. I ordered parts to freshen up the steering components and am looking for the correct reamer and drift to replace and re-fit the brass bushings for the center pin or steering swing lever shaft. The Bentley calls for drift VW 131a and for reamer VW HR/VS 24 H 7, or adjustable reamer VW 224 a.
I’m guessing there are other manufactures of these tools and that if you have one you know what it is. I know most mechanic shops don’t lend tools and I understand if that’s your policy. I am however a very trustworthy person and am willing to pay a small rental fee and if you’d like even a sizeable/refundable deposit for the use of the tools.
I know that Wolfsburg West and maybe some others rent the reamer and that you can fight the bushing out with sockets etc. I thought I’d start with our local community first. I’m relatively new to the scene here and would like to get better acquainted with you guys in person. I know of no better way than to share our common interest in all things VW.

Thanks for your time.


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