bus for wedding

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bus for wedding

Post by admin » Fri Apr 19, 2019 6:30 pm

we received this email thru admin. Hopefully someone can help them out.
Name: Molly Vaughan
E-mail address: mollyhayes3@gmail.com

Hello! My name is Molly Vaughan and my husband to be and I are co-owners of
Skidmark Community Motorcycle Garage. More importantly, The concept for
this garage began in the early 90s when he, Brian Schaffran, drove his VW
bus across country to California and it kept breaking down. This began his
interest in learning to fix his own stuff. This many years later, he left
teaching and has entered the world of community garage is, and together we
have started a nonprofit to bring shop class back to school is working on
vintage Honda motorcycle engines. We are getting married in August, and I
thought it would be a really cool surprise if after the ceremony here in
Cleveland, I could pay someone with a VW bus to drive us to the reception
and take some pictures with the vehicle. I think he would be so excited! Do
you know if there is anyone in your group who might be interested in
helping us out? The wedding is Saturday August 17.


Molly Hayes Vaughan
Skidmarketing Strategist & Media Maven

Skidmark Garage
5401 Hamilton Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio


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