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Code of Conduct

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Whether at an official L.E.A.K.O.I.L. event or an unofficial member or non-member event, members are expected to treat others with respect and to conduct yourself with a modicum of dignity appropriate for a family friendly gathering.

This policy applies to all prospective or current members of L.E.A.K.O.I.L., their friends, their children and any other family relatives they bring to or invite to an event. L.E.A.K.O.I.L. and its leadership assume no liability for inappropriate conduct of members or attendee's at L.E.A.K.O.I.L. events.

1. All members and attendees must comply with all governmental laws and regulations.
2. All members and attendees should refrain from offensive behavior and should behave in a respectful manner to all.
3. All members and attendees should treat property, whether material or intangible, with respect and care.
4. All members and attendees must comply with any rules regarding pets and must maintain control of their pet at all times and clean up after them as necessary as to not interfere with other member's or attendee's social environment.
5. All members and attendees must have a general respect of others’ personal space and their surroundings as necessary.
6. Any form of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimization by members or attendees is prohibited.
7. Any form of intentional physical or verbal harm to members or attendees is likewise not acceptable.
8. All members and attendees must be open to communication with their fellow members, attendees and the L.E.A.K.O.I.L. leadership during all events.
9. All vehicles, recreational vehicles, camping equipment, toys, and any other device used for any purpose shall be used and operated in a safe and legal manner. The L.E.A.K.O.I.L. leadership reserves the right to exclude any device deemed dangerous to members or attendees of any event.
10. All members are obliged to be aware of and follow all the established policies that have been created by L.E.A.K.O.I.L. and apply equally to all.

The failure to adhere to these guidelines will not be tolerated and inappropriate behavior will result in action being taken where appropriate including dismissal from L.E.A.K.O.I.L.


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