Kombi's on Kelleys 2017 - Sponsors

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Kombi's on Kelleys 2017 - Sponsors

Post by Marla » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:13 am

We are pleased to announce the following sponsors that have made donations to this years Kombis On Kelleys.

The following vendors were gracious enough to support us, please consider giving them priority when choosing a place to make your purchases.

Thank you to all our sponsors and members who make this event possible,
imprint logo red.JPG
imprint logo red.JPG (19.52 KiB) Viewed 276 times
Imprint Logo wrote:
Imprint Logo and MiniThrowBalls.com sees the demand for sporting event promos that can be purchased in bulk at lower prices. Our line of mini sports balls and other products are sold at wholesale pricing which enables the buyer to use our products as fundraisers or business promos at an affordable price.

Wholesale Pricing
You will notice that our pricing is much less than most of the other companies out there.
Why is this? Simple, we work on less profit. Our profit margins are less but we do more volume.
We want you to be able to resell our products for a profit. Great for fundraising!!!

Quality Products
Products supplied by Imprint Logo and MiniThrowBalls.com are high in quality. We strive to find the best quality products that you can feel proud of having your name on. Whether your purchasing Imprinted Sports Balls, or Stadium Cups we want our customers to know they got the best quality and the best pricing available.

Personalized Service
Here at Imprint Logo we believe in customer service. At any time you can just pick up the phone and get a live person to talk too. You wont be put on hold and transferred to person to person. When you call us , we actually answer the phone and are easy to understand.

van-cafe-Logo.jpg (49.92 KiB) Viewed 276 times
Van Cafe wrote:
Van-Cafe (named Volks Cafe until Oct. 2005) started in 1990 in Santa Cruz, California. We are a specialty VW shop that strives to bring our best to you, the customer. We have a mechanic shop, store front, large inventory, and an excellent and skilled sales team. We are proud to offer our merchandise to you in our Internet-based store. Our catalog of parts has been compiled by people who know these cars the best. Each product was added to this online catalog based on the combined knowledge of our mechanics and sales staff, and is guaranteed to fit your year and model vehicle as listed.

Go Westy.jpg
Go Westy.jpg (6.08 KiB) Viewed 276 times
GoWesty wrote:
Simply put: GoWesty is just like the dealer, except totally different. We are crazy about these vehicles, and it shows in everything we do. We work on them, we drive them, and we love them—and based upon just how busy all 35 of us are every day—you feel the same way! We are part of a growing group of people who believe that keeping these vehicles alive and on the road is an honorable and worthwhile thing to do. We are part of a community of people across the world who love these vehicles for their form, function, and relatively low environmental impact. These wonderful vehicles are the "backpackers" of the RV world. As you know, driving a Bus, Vanagon, or Eurovan is just different than driving anything else.

WW Logo.jpg
Wolfsburg West wrote:
Wolfsburg West is your ultimate source for Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Bus restoration parts. With more than a quarter century of high quality service, our comprehensive inventory now exceeds 5000 parts, making us one of the largest "stock" Volkswagen parts dealers in the world. At Wolfsburg West we offer only the highest quality parts available including O.E.M German, "new old stock" (NOS) and authentic reproduction parts. Our commitment to quality has enabled Wolfsburg West to become the leading manufacturer of reproduction VW Bug and VW Bus parts. Our team members have vast knowledge in the realm of air-cooled Volkswagens. They can assist you with product installation tips and can also suggest additional items that may be needed to properly complete your projects. With a rich history of quality you can trust, make Wolfsburg West your stock VW parts provider.

The Samba wrote:
TheSamba.com, founded in 1997 by Everett Barnes, has grown into the largest and most dynamic aircooled Volkswagen community online today, bringing together thousands of enthusiasts in one single site, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yet, in those early days of the Internet, Everett just wanted a place to post his growing collection of VW photos and literature online.

Basils.jpg (13.3 KiB) Viewed 276 times
Click Here to Visit Basil's Grill and Tavern
Basil's wrote:
it is all about the people.

4H Logo.png
4H Logo.png (6.34 KiB) Viewed 276 times
4H @ KI wrote:
For over 60 years The Kelleys Island 4-H Camp has provided thousands of children, teens and adults a unique camping experience on one of Lake Erie’s most beautiful islands.
The Kelleys Island 4-H Camp provides a combination of traditional camping activities with innovative outdoor programming. In addition to such mainstay camping activities as hiking, swimming, archery and canoeing, a variety of educational and social development programs are offered as well. These include nature study, art and photography, astronomy, geology and history. Programming has been expanded from the original 4-H camping activities to include activities for families and adult groups.

WCMetric.jpg (67.71 KiB) Viewed 276 times
West Coast Metric wrote:
Here you'll find the best parts and accessories to restore your Volkswagen. At WCM we take pride in offering the highest quality and finest fitting parts at the lowest prices. Offering OEM German and quality reproduction parts for VW Bug, Bus, Ghia, Thing, Type 3 and Vanagon. Since 1977, we have been the premier supplier of high quality parts for Volkswagens.

bd-logo.jpg (111.01 KiB) Viewed 276 times
Bus Depot wrote:
The Bus Depot got its roots nearly two decades ago, in my driveway among the rolling hills of rural Pennsylvania. It was there that I brought my first VW home - a '71 camper, which was a little "rough" to put it kindly. As I fixed it up, I discovered how hard it was to find certain parts locally, especially at prices I could afford. So in no time, two campers were in my driveway - my daily driver, and a "parts" bus salvaged from a local farm.

I thought I could do it better and cheaper, using a relatively new invention called the Internet, rather than spending a fortune on advertising and trying to recoup those expenses with high prices. No glossy catalogs, no fancy ads, just a online store for Volkswagen enthusiasts just like me. So, I started the Bus Depot in my basement with a few hundred bucks, a coat closet full of parts, a homemade website, and a simple mission that to this day governs everything we sell - "Better Parts, Better Prices."

Eastwood.JPG (10.82 KiB) Viewed 276 times
Tools for Doing the Job Right
Part of the DIY community since 1978, attending car shows, listening to customers, and seeing first-hand how our products are used to produce a vehicle our customers are proud of
Offering “solutions” which combines our 4,000+ unique products with the know-how to “Do The Job Right”
In-house product design, development and testing with a strong track record of high-quality, innovative products
Used and trusted by top builders to beginners
Order anytime online, by phone, catalog or in our retail stores
Expert Advice
Expert DIY advice and instruction via phone (866-759-2131), email, and our solutions

NLA Parts logo.jpg
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NLA VW wrote:
NLA VW Parts, established and running for over 6 years, with the founders Adam and Teresa, being passionate VW collectors, owning Beetles, Bay-windows and T25s. Their dream is to remanufacture all the unavailable VW parts to allow vehicles to stay on the road forever, with new designs if required and with the best use of materials, either rubber, plastic, metal or textiles.
NLA VW Parts research, develop and produce 95% of the available products offered here, and made by ourselves, hence the high quality controls and level of service that is second to none, we genuinely are very proud of our products and service and know they are the best available to the market.
The full range is kept in stock in our purpose built warehouse in Warwickshire, allowing for fast dispatch and delivery to your door, usually next working day and with free delivery.
Ordering parts from ourselves guarantees you the best products available and as the actual producers allows us to offer you the most competitive rates and all supported with a fitting service to your vehicle and with the peace of mind of secure on-line ordering and a guaranteed full twelve months warranty, to all parts.
Keeping VW classic's on the road... forever!
It's Marla with an " L"
(My list of assets is just too long...)

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Re: Kombi's on Kelleys 2017 - Sponsors

Post by Marla » Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:29 am

I stopped by to see our friends at Eastwood on Ridge road in Parma. The store manager Nate gave me some good stuff to add to the silent auction. Work Lights, and tool trays... Keep you eyes open.

Thanks Nate!
It's Marla with an " L"
(My list of assets is just too long...)


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