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How to Post to This forum

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Welcome to the LEAKOIL forum.

We're glad you're here.

In order to keep spam-bots from messing up our lovely forum, we don't give permission for users to post until we know that they are real people (and not evil spam-bots).

The best way for us to tell that you are a real user is for you to provide us with your real name in your profile. (because spam-bots aren't smart enough to do this... and you are!) Hopefully you did this when you first registered.

To do this... you will need to:
#1 - click on the "User Control Panel" in the top right portion of the page and then
#2 - click on your "Profile" link in the menu on the left. Then,
#3 - Fill in your the field for your "Real Name".

We will usually notice within 24 hours and get you approved for posting right away, but if you'd really like to speed things along... feel free to PM the admin.

Good luck! and we'll see you in the forums!
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