LEAKOIL   Lake Erie Area Kombi Owners Involvement League


If you'd like to join our forum, please do the following:

Step 1 - Register by Emailing the Webmaster

To do so, send a email message to Webmaster, below. Please include some details about yourself, your VW's, who or how you heard about us, and your FULL name, address, and phone number. NONE of this information will be posted on our website or shared with others. We'll take care of the rest!

Wondering why? We do this in an effort to avoid all the false registrations from evil SPAM-bots on the internet. We apologize for the silly hoops to make you go through to join us.

Step 2 - Wait to be approved by a Forum Moderator

Again, due to the SPAMMERs, we are forced to personally approve each new user registration.

We're pretty active here and I should be surprised if it took longer than a day for one of the forum moderators to get you approved. Again, sorry for the hoops.

Sincerely, -Your friendly LEAKOIL Web-nerd